The Adventure Begins!
Hello Readers! Welcome to my Immortals Palladium Campaign. This is a blog about an adventure my players will be going on in the Palladium Fantasy World. This is a RPG gaming system owned by Kevin Siembieda and is copy written by him. This blog in no way represents the views of Palladium Games, its being made to entertain and promote their really great RPG books. The inspiration behind this scenario is some of the fantastic pictures I have found on the internet, mainly at and if any artist doesn't like their work being placed here, feel free to email me at idahobeef @ and I will remove your art.


My Palladium campaign differs from the original one set up by Mr. Siembieda in the following ways:

1) Immortals: There are four types of major immortals in my Palladium World: Titans, Vampires, Elves, and Gargoyles. Titans are normally immortal, but in my campaign there are larger numbers of them and they play a pivotal role in the Eastern Territory (mainly as leaders). Vampires (also known as the Noble Dead) also play a significant role in my game. They are immortal and many hold high positions within the Western Empire (also known as the Empire of Sin). They are NOT hunted as per the official rules, they are part of the decadent ruling class of the Empire. Elves are also immortal in my world, allowing them to become a significant force around the world by accumulating vast knowledge and wealth. Finally, the Gargoyles are a race of sub-demons, evil to the core, and notorius man-eaters. They do not age (are immortal), are very physically powerful, and very very carnivorous and dangerous. In my world, Gargoyles currently occupy the lands that the former Wolfen did in the Palladium world; the Wolfen Empire is not like it is in the official Palladium universe but they are small but powerful tribes living near the Gargoyle Empire. In addition, several smaller human empires in the Gargoyle sphere of influence have been taken over (and consumed) by them and the last remaining human-dominated Kingdom of Havea (relocated) continues to loose its war against the flying Gargoyle demons. Finally, Wolfen also are infamous man-eaters in my campaign.

2) Atlantis: This massive island-nation appeared out of no where around 100 years ago and the Splugorth-led inhabitants have been wreaking mayhem across the Palladium world ever since. The major impact has been their semi-alliance with the Gargoyles to the East and the introduction of Tattoo Magic has spread quickly across the Western Empire. Most soldiers are given 1-2 magical tattoos when inducted into the armed services and "Iron Gate" is always one of them (+50 SDC).

3) Ophid's Grasslands: I renamed this region the Winterlands and most of the adventure on this blog will be taking place there. Proximity to the Devils Gate and its massive PPE output makes nearly every human in the region have some magical powers, but most have just simple cantrips. The area is still underpopulated and unexplored.

4) Old Kingdom: Has absorbed the Nimiro Kingdom and is ready for war with the Western Empire. The upcoming revolt within the Empire itself (in the Middle Kingdoms) hasn't occurred yet, but will shortly. The Monster Kingdom will invade the Western Empire during the revolt; we'll see how it all ends up.

5) Empire Colonies in the Winterlands: The Western Empire regions, cities, leaders, and other names have been changed according to my taste and does not reflect on Palladium Games.

This blog will be written over some months, focusing on the PICTURES that I put into each section. I hope you enjoy it, I know I will! Best wishes, Maxx




Who Am I?

My name is Pargan Wendigo and my story begins in the Purple March, which is part of the Western Empire and is in the Frontier region next to the Monster Kingdom. My father is one of eleven surviving children and my mother one of seventeen and I once computed that it would take four and a half years to visit all my immediate relatives (over 400 of them) without spending a penny, without overstaying my welcome, and without imposing on the same relative twice. My family may not be terribly wealthy and not high in the nobility, but we are prolific. I myself am the fifth oldest of seven surviving children and my childhood ended and my real journey began when I joined the Jannisary Corps of the Empire two years ago. I had just turned 16 and was encouraged by my father to join the military; it would give me important experience in fighting and travel as well as preparing me for any future conflicts in my homeland by the Monster Kingdom. I spent 9 months at High Kingfallen, the capital of the Empire, undergoing the most intense training of my life. The Jannisaries are the most fearsome and capable of all the warriors in the Empire Army and their reputation is known by all nearby nations. There are over 400,000 regular military troops in the Empire and the Jannisaries make up around 40,000 of these. After my initial training I received my first magical tattoo, and it was the most painful experience of my life! The "Iron Gate" tattoo is given to every member of the Jannisaries; it strengthens the skin and toughens the muscles but it nearly incapacitates you for 2-3 months after receiving it. Tattoo Magic is horribly painful and I do not look forward to my next tattoo at all! After this slow recovery, I underwent additional horse training, including firing a longbow from the saddle. I also received my ceremonial ollat, the deadly dagger all Jannisaries own. It is made from the claw of a Black Fairy (to keep their despicable population under control) and it is only drawn if it is to be used to spill blood. Then, after two years, I was assigned to the Winterlands, a desolate new colony region to the far north of the Empire. The journey was uneventful and I landed in early spring of 973 CE in the city of Rhemuth, an enormous and beautiful new city the Empire has recently built. Within a month my great-great-great-great uncle (Lord Avacar) visited me at the barracks, telling me that I had assigned to a small team that he was leading into the wilderness. I was proud to be given such a important mission and looked forward to working with my great uncle (who is a elder vampire) more closely. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


Lord Avacar, the Noble Dead

My great-great-great uncle many times over is the Lord of the Purple March, Avacar Wendigo and for over a thousand years he has stood watch over our family and helped it grow in power along the border of the Monster Kingdom. He is from the Line of Belle, a popular kiss of vampires who are known as Seducers because of their gorgeous looks and powers of seduction and sex over normal mortals. He is the premier Noble Dead in our family, our highest noble and certainly one of the most powerful in the Western Empire. When he visited me in the barracks at Rhemuth he didn't have his normal entourage with him but the aura of power encircling him was almost palpable. He said he would be leading the expedition and that it would comprise less than three dozen men, and that our destination was to the far north, deep within the Winterlands. I don't really know my Great Uncle well (having met him only once before) but I felt a strange sense of trust towards him as he spoke, and I told him I looked forward to the journey with a happy smile on my face. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


Notes on the Noble Dead (Western Empire vampires only)


Okay, so the Noble Dead (aka vampires) in the Palladium world are alot different than the "official" ones that were made by Kevin Siembeida. These vampires are made using the some of the rules from The Rifter issue #49 and are "designer vampires", but Vampire Intelligences are still used. Each Vampire Line has different abilities and powers, as well as regions where they dominate. There are currently four known Vampire Intelligences that live in the Palladium Fantasy World: Chantico, Kirgi, Ixotl, and The Dweller. Both Chantico and Kirgi are insane, believing themselves gods and making people worship them as such. The worshippers of both of these monstrous intelligences have spawned brutal sectarian wars across the face of the Palladium world. Kirgi is especially revered by the Ratlings and both gain some PPE from their "followers". However, Chantico and Kirgi will never be gods (the other pantheons wont allow it) but they will continue to create vampires and followers forever more. In addition, the cunning Vampire Intelligence known as Ixotl rules within the Western Empire. He has created 12 major vampire Lines inside the Empire (but only 11 survive to this day). Each "Line" has certain abilities and powers; for example, the Lords of Kingfallen (Chandler's Line) are known to be excellent flyers (and wealthy bankers), Heka's Line are the only Corrupters in existence (all others have been wiped out due to their gruesome nature), Thus's Line is only interested in growing the number of vampires under her control (so she tends to avoid conflicts whenever possible), and Dark's Line works closely with the werewolves and changelings of the Woldwood, a vast forest covering much of the Winterlands. Each Vampire Intelligence gains power as more and more vampires are created but in the Western Empire, the numbers of the Noble Dead have mysteriously stayed around the same for the last eight hundred years: stabilizing at nearly 4,000 vamps total. They are considered nobility within the Empire hierarchy due to enormous experience, accumulated wealth over the ages, and all the power that flows from these gains. They are not hunted by anyone within the Western Empire, are considered Immortals, and are part of the ruling class of the Empire of Sin.


The White Gryphon

The very next day my Great Uncle took me to Rhemuth's famous Marble Bazaar, a vast market where thousands of merchants sold a wild display of goods, from spices and gems to food and clothing. My Uncle was accompanied by a small entourage, including a young man I knew was his apprentice, Baltazar Zane. After spending many hours equipping our party with supplies for our journey north, I stumbled upon a gorgeous white gryphon being auctioned off in the central part of the bazaar. It was an amazing beast, capable of flying a man high into the air and its colors were remarkable (95% of gryphons are brown colored). A large fat man was selling the majestic creature and Baltazar told me he was the infamous Floyd of Arun, a cruel and vicious man who was a notorious pederast and abuser. He was well known to buy slaves from the market, usually young boys, and do unspeakable things to them at his torture villa. I asked my Uncle why didn't anyone stop him but he replied with a shrug, "There are so many of these horrible men in the world. Get rid of one and another just takes his place. This is the Empire of Sin, my boy, where tyranny abounds. But look, this cruel man won't last out the year, I can smell it in his blood even from over here where we are standing." I glanced quickly at the fat Floyd of Arun a second time; he showed symptoms of eating khat, a local drug that turns the teeth brown and destroys them. You could also smell his stench from a dozen feet away, unwashed and greasy, like old acid. By then my Uncle decided we would buy standard horses instead of exotic creatures like gryphons for our journey and we continued our purchases quickly. I noted there were an enormous number of dwarves in the crowd as well, thousands and thousands of them and I made a mental note to ask my Uncle about that later. 


Baltazar Zane

My great uncle Avacar is a powerful and wealthy noble within the Empire, and as such usually has a retinue of followers around him at all times. I've met some of them before, mainly on family occasions, but this was the first time I met this youthful boy, Baltazar Zane. He was just shy of his 19th birthday and was already famous across the Palladium World for being one of just six Conjurers in existence. This sort of magic-user (the Conjurer) can create objects, weapons, animals, and even monsters from mere thought, using some sort of magical power deep within them to "conjure" these things into existence. Conjurers are an extremely rare and very powerful type of magician, and I knew (through various in-family rumors) that my Uncle Avacar owned him or had him in thrall somehow. However, whatever it was, I wasn't interested in poking my nose around into it. Baltazar dutifully helped load the pack animals, but the cloud of resentment around him was always palpable. Once he grew older, the bratty Baltazar Zane would probably become one of the most powerful magicians in the entire Empire, with his powers rivaling that of the Slayer of Mountains himself; if he could just get past his selfish youthful ways. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


Stocking Up

The next day continued as normal, with us stocking up our final goods for the journey. Even though I knew few details, I could see by the large amount of survival gear and food tacked to our pack animals that it would be a long adventure indeed. Purchasing goods from the city's markets was fun, and a remarkable experience for me since I grew up in a small town on the border of the Empire. The city of Rhemuth is new but still has that feeling of back home in the Empire; all of the buildings are recently built but have the same style as any major city within the Empire and I loved the beauty of the craftmanship that our fellow citizens used in making their new homes. Here in the north, the winters could be brutal so homes were built with heavy insulation and thick roofs, as well as a chimney on every top. The city was bustling like mad, preparing for winter even now, and I would be glad to get outside and start our trip into the unknown. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


Alvina of Hollyfields

While preparing for our journey I ran across someone from my home city, an old childhood "flame". Alvina and I grew up together in the Purple March and at one time she had been my lover, but when I joined the Jannisaries I put that relationship behind me. It was a surprise to see her and it was clear she had continued her sword-studies since she was wearing her rapier on belt. The Empire's various royal classes all enjoyed similar sports, and fencing was one of the more popular ones that they excelled at. Alvina was also a minor noble, heiress to the Hold of Hollyfields which was located next to my familys' fiefdom. She used to practice her swordplay with me before I left for military service, I imagine she really enjoyed sticking it to me because of the many times I had stuck it to her. She really was very very good with the foil and was apparently in the local competition. Seeing me at a distance, she smiled, but continued on her way across the clamor of the city market. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


The Minotaur

Also while shopping we ran across a minotaur, which is odd since they sided with the evil Old Gods during the Great War and were mostly wiped out. The warn-torn survivors were sent to the far north, banished from the other civilized races for their heinous crimes. This male minotaur appeared to be a mercenary, possibly freelance. He received stares and muttering from everyone nearby but no one approached or spoke to him as he made his way across the crowded market, which miraculously made way for this eight foot tall monstrosity.


Beginning our Journey

We began our journey with a small entourage but my uncle said it would increase when we met up with the rest of our escort and the factor who hired us for this intrepid trek. At the outskirts of the outer slums, far outside the city walls, we came to the Olde Casita Inn, a fine dining establishment situated in the middle of an ancient oak tree. Well-to-do travelers generally stop at this hospice to stock up, and we were going to have our last decent home-cooked meal here before we went into the Wilds. A large fat matron, Miss Gildheim, plied us with delicious hot food; braised strangled goose and pork shanks, slow-cooked early-spring vegetables, a hearty soup and finally a lovely vanilla pastry puff. Mulled wine rounded out this very filling meal and it was worth every pence! We spent overnight there as well, on fine bedding in expensive rooms and I was grateful since travelling usually meant sleeping on the cold, wet ground and constantly being on edge by nearby danger. I loved this adorable little inn and put it in my memory-box as an good place to stop and receive excellent treatment. When dawn came we were greeted in the dining hall with hot sausage cakes, warm herbed biscuits, and morning grog: stout enough to wake even the most sleepy person. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


The Three Mercenaries

Just out of town we met up with some of our escort, including hirelings that my uncle Avacar had engaged to travel with us on our long journey. We were already travelling with some of the Regal Guard that always accompanied my wealthy lord-uncle, but these men were clearly professional fighters, mercenaries to the core and I recognized two of them: Ethan of Karse and Mikael Mirrowind. In the Western Empire there are very few fighters better than Mikael, who had gained notoriety in the Imperial Army for defeating an entire band of orcs when he was accidentally separated from the rest of his unit. Ethan of Karse is also known for his sword prowess but I was greatly surprised at his joining our little troupe; he normally taught fencing to high-born nobles and royalty and rarely left the upper echelons of high society. I was very relieved at their escort and then I looked at the last trooper, a veritable giant of a man with many war scars and carrying a fine silver warhammer. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


The Regal Guard

The Regal Guard of Rhemuth are a over 10,000 strong and have seen much action against the neighboring creatures and vicious monsters that inhabit the north. We are lucky to be travelling with a dozen of the guard, who are dressed in the blue-on-white colors of Rhemuth.


The Dwarves Arrive

As we set out on our travels a rare winter storm plunged the entire region into snow and ice, hindering our journey. Luckily we met up with the rest of our party in its aftermath, a small group of dwarves. They met with my Uncle Avacar briefly, exchanging verbal greetings and secret handshakes but I was not introduced. Apparently our quest would remain secret for now but I could wait, I am a patient man. I also briefly jousted with Ethan of Karse with sword (of course he bested me) and then sharpened my blades, waiting for more details of our trip. The Tiktok version of this can be found HERE.


The Judgement Tower of Troy

As we journeyed north again we came across one of the more famous locations in the Winterlands, the Judgement Tower of Troy. It is famous throughout the land for people to resolve their disputes in front of a fair judge and all fights were final; they usually ended in death for one side or another. Only the quarreling parties could participate, but group conflicts were scarce indeed; such spats were usually one-on-one and were brief and lethal. We tarried awhile, watching the latest in a series of duels but then continued on our way. 

Back in my home town, such duels were unheard of since magistrates and lords generally held the power of law over their respective areas, although Travelling Judges could sometimes intervene in an unfair dispute in an area they were sojourning through.


Notes on Chandler's Vampire Line


The vampires in the Line of Chandler are a non-aggressive survivalist group of undead, avoiding conflict and building their powerbase in the Empire of Sin over centuries. Their top leaders has infiltrated the highest levels of government and society, making them the dominant force of vampires in the capital and the realm. Their abilities are noted below:


Unearthly Beauty (10 points)

Enhanced Agility (20 points)

Enhanced Speed (5 points)

Enter Without Permission (60 points)

Superior Regeneration (60 points)

Resist Sunlight (70 points)

Metamorphosis: Mist (15 points)


Enormous Sexual Appeal

Grace and Beauty

Silent Footsteps

Retractable Fangs


Notes of Thus' Line of Vampires


The vampires in the Line of Thus are extremely arrogant and aggressive, alienating many potential allies with their wild antics. Their base of power is mainly in the eastern part of the Empire, where they have many high-ranked officials in all levels of politics. They are a powerful but selfish clan of vampires.


Control Undead (40 points)

Enhanced Speed (25 points)

Enhanced Strength (21 points)

Eat Mortal Food (50 points)

Hypnotic Suggestion (10 points)

Resist Garlic (45 points)

Metamorphosis Wolf (10 points)

Superior Nightvision (10 points)

Unearthly Beauty (10 points)

Resist Blood Lust (30 points) (distance/energy vampires)


Grace and Beauty

Long Sharp Fingernails

Retractable Fangs

Silent Footsteps 

Strange Eyes (extraordinarily beautiful eyes)


The Woldwood

Another day has passed as we travelled north with our new compatriots, the dwarves. I still have no idea why they have joined us on our journey, all the dwarven lands I knew of were far to the south and were a blasted wasteland of death and destruction.  I am however rather nervous about our travel north as it contains the incredibly vast Winterlands, an area that is almost totally un-populated and filled with wild and dangerous creatures. Many of my childhood stories told to us by my mother and nannies spoke of the strange and unusual beasts that certainly dwelled in the forest regions to the north; from cute pixies to ravenous werewolves, these non-human monster stories would scare me throughout the night, but in child-like wonder I couldn't wait for the next round of scary stories. I hope what I have heard about this area is mostly rumor and exaggeration, but I am keeping an open mind to anything and everything.

Much of the area we are moving into is covered by the blood-red trees of the Woldwood, a large forest where changelings, werewolves, and other deadly creatures supposedly inhabit. Monsters of every stripe apparently lived within the Woldwood and the entire region was said to be ruled over by a stupendous vampire/werewolf creature called "the Darkness".  I don't put much stock in such a creature truly existing but I will otherwise keep my eyes open and my ears alert.